Whole Grain Conditioning rabbit feed supplement developed by Barbi Brown's Bunnies to enhance flesh and coat condition without adding fat.  The amino acids in the whole grains (wheat, oat, barley) convert protein to muscle. The sunflower seeds, flax and safflower seeds provide oils necessary for natural sheen and lustrous coat. Small amounts of molasses are added to increase palatability and to encourage picky eaters to stay at the table.


Pelleted conditioners such as Doc's and Showbloom etc. are absorbed very quickly into the body and can lead to excessive weight gain.  The whole grains in Barbi's conditioner are slowly absorbed carbohydrates which maximizers the benefits without causing weight gain from fat.


The added benefit to the breeder is the lower cost compared to other conditioners.


Just a teaspoon per day for small breeds and up to 3 tablespoons per day for large breeds produce great results.  You can even add more in order to force a molt in record time.


Nursing does can have up to one third their total ration to increase milk production.  We recommend adding conditioner about 3 days before kindling to kick in milk production and feed throughout the nursing period.  You will feel the difference in kits. Instead of feather weights, babies will be firm and solid.  When kits are getting our of the nest, you can cut back to 1 teaspoon per kit and 1 tablespoon for Mom mixed in their feed.


You can top dress your feed with the conditioner or if you find they are digging looking for the goodies, you may want to feed the conditioner in a separate dish or at a different time of day from your normal feeding schedule.


You can freeze the feed to prolong shelf life and prevent meal worms and grain moths that can result from the mix getting too hot.  Store in cool dry place.