Buying a bunny has become a family affair in the planning, selection and care of the new member of the family. Most parents in the past made the near fatal mistake of thinking they could put the entire burden of responsibility for the pet on their children's shoulders. Today we are pleased to see the entire family PLANNING TO SHARE THE CARE OF THE BUNNY.

Let's face it, no one likes all the burden of ANY task ALL OF THE TIME. Why should a pet be different? Sitting down and planning who will take care of which bunny chores on which days will make children more anxious to help if they see it as a privilege and an opportunity to validate their parents confidence in their ability.

There are still the folks who see our sign and think, "Gee, a bunny would be fun" and stop to pick up a $3 rabbit. They are surprised to find the typical price is $35.00.

"Why so much?" they ask. My answer..."So you will value your purchase and not think of it as an expendable item" (not to mention a concerted effort on my part to cover the cost of feed, vet bills, electricity to run the lights, coolers, freezers and heat tapes).

My purpose here is to help you learn something about rabbits; their care, feeding, dispositions etc. so you can make an informed decision about adding another member to your family.