We raise ragdoll, manx, scottish fold, siamese, polydactyl and Ragamese. Bred for personality, and good health.


I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Barbi Brown and her wonderful cattery!  Her kittens are obviously very well cared for, healthy, and very much loved from the day they are born.  

Professor Lupine has been one of the very best cats of my lifetime.  He is very unique not only in looks (Scottish Fold, Manx, and from polydactyl bloodlines so has oversized toes!) but also in personality. 

I have always favored cats with a more dog-like temperament, and he is just that.  We are mainly a dog household, and there is a lot of "clicker training" going on.  Loopy-Lupine seemingly felt a bit left out seeing all the puppy training, so insisted on getting into the act himself.  So far, he knows sit, sit up, spin, and how to close the cabinet door where his canned food is stored. 

Our handsome guy has never once tried to jump on the countertops, nor had an "accident" outside of the litterbox, and scratches only his cat tree.  

We are looking forward to getting another stunning cat from Barbi in the future.  If you are considering adding a kitty to your household, look no further! 


Caliente, California    

This is Grogu Kitty.  Barbi raises beautiful, well adjusted, good tempered cats.  He made himself at home right away.  Became fast friends with my once feral tabby.  He is really tolerant of my zippy toy Aussie who tries to herd him every chance she gets.  I am in love with this Ragdoll breed.  I can almost hear him grow, and what an appetite he has.  Very healthy and in good shape.  I couldn't be happier.  Thank you Barbi!

V. Owens