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Rabbits will, by choice, always (or almost always) use the same area for their toilet.  I suggest letting a new rabbit have a few days in it's new cage to select an area.  When they begin using one area more than the others, put a in that corner with a few droppings in the pan.  You can also put a paper towel in the tray at the bottom of the cage before putting the litter pan in and then take the wet towel and put it in the litter pan to give them the idea that the litter pan is where to go.

Like dogs, some rabbits get the hang of it quicker than others.  Does seem to prefer to have 2 litter pans, one to use for a potty and one to either sleep in or just to keep clean (presumably for the litter of babies she thinks she will have).

Pelleted litter seems to work better with rabbits than cat litter.  With cat litter they will the litter around the house in the fur on their foot pads.   The pelleted litters are more absorbent and reduce ammonia odors.  Please sure to change the litter frequently.

Hanging a hay feeder one the side of the cage above the litter pan will encourage use of the litter pan as well.  Many rabbits will potty while eating and the hay feeder encourages them to the proper spot.  I do not recommend putting hay IN the litter pan.  They would then be eating soiled hay and could infect themselves with shed parasites.

Subject: Re: Potty Training Questions

Customer's experience:

Hi Barbi, 
Thank you for your helpful advice.  We appreciate your courtesy, time, and honesty.  

My husband and I immediately trusted your word and put it into play.  We started over and are very happy with the results.  We removed all the bedding from the bottom of our bunny's cage.  We placed two litter-type boxes filled with wood pulp bedding and a bit of hay in the back two corners of his cage and put his food and water in the front.  I hung his hay cage above the litter box in the where he had urinated more often.  We only let him out to hold and love him (tons of times!).  

He immediately chose one box for use and one as his bed.  He was so happy that I caught him several times rolling around on his back in his bed and falling a asleep sprawled out in it.  He is constantly bouncing back and forth between his two boxes.   And when we took him out to be held and petted, he showered us with kisses and fell asleep in our laps.   We've gotten to the point where he can cuddle in our laps for about two hours with no accidents.  It's not that he had an accident after two hours; we just return him to his cage at that time to give him a chance to use the bathroom and have a , or go to bed because it's bedtime.