Before you leave home:

Cell Phone and charger (wall and car) (Mark with your name)

Hotel Reservation Confirmation

Travelers Checks or credit cards

GPS or Maps

Entry Confirmation   

Fix carriers with cups for water and feed (mark each item with your name)

Pack for the Road:

Grooming supplies, feed, and luggage should be placed UNDEr the rabbits for maximum ventilation.

Small watering can with spout to make filling cups easier - Mark with your name

Carry your own water if possible

Measuring cups for feed

Extra bottle or cups with your name on them

Extra carriers if you are bringing rabbits home.

Litter: paper or pine or absorbent pads for carriers (both ways)

Nix or other odor eliminator to make trip odor free

Bright cage tags to mark your coops

Zip ties to close cages at night

Business cards with your cell number or hotel number

For Sale tags and pedigrees

Marking pens

Tattoo equipment to touch up tattoos

Contact info. if you are meeting friends or buyers

Iodine Sanitizer for disinfecting

Willow wreathes or chips to relieve diarrhea and transport stress

Magic Rejuvenating Powder and Mallow chips to relieve stress.

First aid kit