Grow out pens


When we stopped raising small breeds to focus on the larger Rare breeds we needed more larger cages so rather than throw out good cages and have more made, we removed the dividers between the smaller holes to make larger ones.

When raising rabbits with large litters they quickly out grow the cage they were born in so we have developed a way to make our cages multi-use.  With banks of cages we can have access to multiple cages making them up to 10 feet long as space requires.  When we need to start separating boys and girls we close doors with Mom in the middle and boys on one side and girls on the other.


By removing the center divider between cages and installing a door that can be opened or closed as needed is very easy and convenient.

With the they can choose any area they choose. The door is fastened to the top of the cage.   They also think it's a place to "hang out" (literally)!


When the does are due to kindle we put the nest box in one cage with the door open so she has her own space away from the nest. 


When juniors are ready for their own space we simply close the doors and latch at the bottom.