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For all those rabbit lovers here are some secrets of the happiest bunnie you can raise. I got my french lop Bambolishas 4 y ago. He's never known cage. He is potty trained. ,runs looss in the house , no outdoors.Sometimes he sleeps in my bad,loves to cuddle on the couch while I watch tv,runs around me , talks to me all the time,He is so beautiful, just like a puppies full of happiness. .As iI open fridge , he runs inside to look for his goodies and pull them out Loves carrots of course. But , His first year he had seizures I was devastated.Once , twice a week I would hold him in my arms until it subsided .It took him time to get over it. .Any medication would be detrimental for his sensitive stomach. I went on line and found herbal medication just for bunnies.I meshed the herbs with bananas and fed him that every day . It took time , but finally after a year he is totally seizure free. It has been more then a year since the last episode. I highly recommend Fuzzies kingdom to anyone whose bunnie has this issue.
Customer Service, Selection, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time Best ever!
I have worked with Barbi for 20plus years. I have never met a more knowledgeable person for rabbits. Health issues, to husbandry. Her premium feed is by far the best there is. We have used it for many years and the noticeable difference in flesh and coat condition has put us at BOB and BOSB many many times. This is a feed that was developed by a breeder, for breeders. You will see a difference over a period of time.
Hi, Just a note of appreciation: I have used your Magic Rejuvenator for years, and I wouldn't be without it. My most frequent uses are to encourage slow eaters, and to add to my "baby bowls" of oats and such. With the help of Magic, I brought along an entire litter whose mother had stopped nursing at two weeks. All of the kits thrived and are showing successfully! New arrivals, transports, and those at a long show all get a little Magic in their life, and it truly keeps them eating. Thank you for sharing your Magic with us! Julie TJ Rabbitry Mini Rex
Barbi Brown's Bunnies sets the standard for high-quality rabbit products. I have recently begun feeding her feed and have already noticed that my satin litters are larger-both in litter number and growth rate! Her dried willow wreaths are a life saver and I never go to a show without them. She is also one of the most knowledgeable people in the rabbit hobby!
I would like to take this time to comment on Barbi Brown Conditioned Feed. As some of you know, we won our lop national this year in Belton Texas. Credit is due to the feed we use. For the last 20 years we have used Barbies feed and it has kept very good condition on our animals. Many of you know what a 2000 mile drive does to the condition on a rabbit, but they still had it after the drive. Thank you Barbie for your diligence to make sure we have a balanced safe to eat diet.

John Breault
Customer Service, Selection - Excellent
I have been using your feed and conditioner for a year now and my Bunnies look so great! My Grandkids rabbit just won BOB for a Mini Rex and I believe it’s from your feed, keeping their coats conditioned and looking healthy from the inside out. Thank you, Thank you Heather
I have been a customer of Barbi Brown's Bunnies for 10 years. In that time I have come to rely on Barbi for advice about the care of my rabbits and feel confident that any product that I buy from her is the best quality and reasonably priced.
Barbi is always been ready to give advice and guidance especially to those just getting into rabbit ownership. She is a great wealth of knowledge. If she doesn’t know it she can easily put you in contact with the person that doea.
With Barbi Brown Bunnies each and every experience is a delightful one. Barbi Brown's love and respect for all sentient beings are commendable. The quality of her products are the best possible. Everything is highly recommended. Thank you!
I met Barbi about five years ago when I decided to learn all there is about rabbits. She is a very good businesswoman. Her work and passion for rabbits shows; whether, she is helping an experienced breeder or a newcomer to the pet world. Her desire for the owner to have a good experience doesn't stop at the purchase of a rabbit. After checking her website, if anyone still has questions, she will try to help you out. Thank you Barbi for all your help,
Thank you so much. We're on our way back to Sac now. She's (velveteen lop) even more beautiful than in the pictures! Barbi's place is a sweet haven and she does mail orders for supplies - yay! :) This was such a great experience... You and Barbi have both been wonderful. Thanks again for all your help with the selection process. I'm pretty excited about our pretty girl. Have a wonderful weekend Susan,
I highly recommend Barbi Brown Bunnies for her top quality products. Barbi is very knowledgeable and experienced in the health and conditioning of show rabbits and cavies. I so appreciate Barbi's advice on keeping my cavies in condition during those long road trips and shows that run for multiple days. Her Tummy Tonic Tea kept my cavies eating and drinking. Even on the second day of the show, we kept getting remarks from the judges, on the show table, on how well our cavies were conditioned. I credit the tea and also Barbi's Whole Grain Conditioner for such a successful outcome!!
Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service, Selection. Helpful tips, too! And always with a smile.
“Barbi Brown Bunnies is a reliable, high standard, committed business with outstanding customer service. A place you can trust. People you can rely on. Thank you!!”
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