Every now and then, no matter how hard we try to prevent it (by careful line breeding)  we still have a few babies born with special problems. Many birth defects are fatal but as you will see here, not all are lost.

Caz and Helen are "Max Factor" babies. Max was a German imported buck that is reported to have brought the gene that causes the deformity although I suspect it has been around long before Max but didn't have a name. The thing they all seem to have in common is that they are usually born with one or both eyes open , frequently have a soft spot on the head that doesn't close, have funny spiky fur and clubbed feet .

Some have a dew claw on the hind feet as well as front feet.

They seldom survive and most breeders destroy them as soon as they are found in the box. I just can't bring myself to do it and they can lead happy healthy lives with the right owner. Caz and Helen are good examples but people willing to take on the task are rare. Most people want "healthy" bunnies and never know the special love and bond you’ll have with a "special" bunny.

Buddy was a Max Factor baby who had a soft spot on his head that never fully closed. He also had an abnormal spine and was blind in one eye. Curiously, his sister was normally developed except for the unclosed soft spot.

 On this page I am including some pictures of Caz, Helen ( now 4 years old!) and Buddy. You can see how loved and spoiled Caz, Helen and Buddy have become.



Caz at 3 weeks  Eye infections are common (from being open in the nest) when young but clear with age.


Caz at 4 months


Here are some photos of Helen:

    Helen can really run!


She does have problems with sore feet from not walking on the bottoms but rather on the sides.

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