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Play Houses

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Cooling Box - large size no. 7

Wooden Cooling Box - large size - 10" x 18" x 8-1/2" - Holes cut in each end allow the rabbit to stretch out full length with air blowing through. Wooden material keeps it much cooler inside the box than outside air. A frozen bottle can be added for extra cooling. Also makes a play house for any size rabbit.

Price: $21.00

Play House - no. 1 small

Wooden Play House - small size - 7" wide x 11" long x 5-1/2" high - 2 openings for the bunny to run in and out and just hang out safe and snug inside or on top. Pet friendly wood safe for chewing but will stand up to many months of play and chewing.

Price: $12.00

Play House - No. 2 Medium Size

Wooden Play House - Medium Size

Price: $14.00

Play House - No. 3 large size

Wooden Play House - large size

Price: $16.00