Springtime weather can be difficult to predict with gusty winds, occasional rain showers and some pretty warm days so be prepared for the unexpected.

We are caught between having lights on the new babies at night and fans on during the day.  The hard part is to know which is best and when.   I personally believe the rabbits prefer 65 degrees all year long (or maybe that's what I prefer). 

At any rate, protect your bunny/bunnies from gusty winds that can carry all sorts of nasty things into eyes and noses.  Weepy eyes and sneezing noses are part of the springtime transformation.  A tarp or piece of heavy plywood will work for a wind break but won't obstruct the air flow except in the direction of the wind.  Temperatures can soar unexpectedly leaving a poor bunny too hot.

Tea makes a wonderful eye wash for those runny eyes.  Don't rush into antibiotics unless the discharge is purulent and long lasting.  At that point I prefer powdered neomycin sulfate (nfz peffer) over the ointments.   Ointments tend to gather debris rather than discourage it.

Sniffles and sneezes can be allergic in nature or infectious.

If you have just fed hay or it is windy when your rabbit starts sneezing, it is probably allergic.  Move the rabbit to a more protected area and spray a little tea into the nose to irrigate the offending agent.