The number of households with pet rabbits this past two decades has increased dramatically. Not only are rabbits one of the sweetest, smartest, most responsive and gentlest animals you can own; they require less time and expense than most pets.

The increase in popularity and cost in recent years encourages people to be more selective and less spontaneous about their purchase of a rabbit.

Working adultsfind a bunny a wonderful source of love and affection with minimal demands on time and pocketbook.

Elderly couples or surviving spouses enjoy the companionship of a pet that doesn't require a large yard or daily walking.

They are great companions for most children, helping them to learn gentleness and responsibility but most of all Atough love@. Children learn to protect them from harm by developing rules of conduct for their new pet and often see their parents from a new perspective.

No license, no vaccinations, no noise, low upkeep, a lot of cuddles and a lot of love.... what more could you want?

BE NOT AFRAID... Don't let all this information make you think that owning a bunny is complicated because it's not.

There is hopefully far more help here than you will ever need. Think of it as insurance, if you have it you'll never need to make a claim!