by Barbi Brown

Some rabbits' life

Is full of strife

They run for cover

Day and night.


Their fur is soiled

Their flesh is torn

Their ears are scared

Their hearts forlorn.


But I am one

Who's kept with care

And proudly shown

At County Fair.


At the show

I proudly pose

And love it when

You pet my nose.


You brush my fur

And stroke my head

I can always count

On being fed.


My cage is clean

With lots of room

My hay is fresh

My water cool


You keep me cool

In summer's heat

My winter home

Just can't be beat


You brings me toys

And girls and boys

To tell me how I'm loved.


I love you too

I'm sure you know

That's why I pace the floor

In hopes it's time to pack and go

On to the next big rabbit show.


I"m happy here

I'm not a fool

I do not care to run

A rabbit's life out on it's own

Is never safe and seldom fun.


I thank you now

For love and care

I truly am

A lucky hare.