Hay - Oat Hay - Young Green - Mini Bale

Young Green Oat Hay - Mini Bale Grain hay From Harvest to your door our hay is stored in climate controlled pest free environment Feeding hay prevents boredom and promotes gut motility to combat GI Stasis​ 12" Mini Bales maximize freshness and minimize storage space
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Young Green Oat Hay is an early harvest grain hay


High protein 12.9%

Low Calcium .28%

High fiber

Pesticide free

Young oat is higher protein than the late harvest mature yellow oat.

Usually Ships Within 3 Business Days
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User Reviews For Hay - Oat Hay - Young Green - Mini Bale


Average Score: 5.0 / 5

Young Oat Hay - Mini Bale

"Our bunny simply loves this hay! It's his favorite kind and a daily staple! He seems to particularly like the darker pieces as he searches them out and eats them first. It's fun to watch him pick them out. ;) We've tried other kinds of hay in the past, with mixed results. Now we just stick to the young oat hay for our bunny. "

B Bunny\'s Mamma - Tracy, CA



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