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"I have been a customer of Barbi Brown's Bunnies for 10 years. In that time I have come to rely on Barbi for advice about the care of my rabbits and feel confident that any product that I buy from her is the best quality and reasonably priced."
Susan T

"With Barbi Brown Bunnies each and every experience is a delightful one. Barbi Brown's love and respect for all sentient beings are commendable. The quality of her products are the best possible. Everything is highly recommended. Thank you! "

"I met Barbi about five years ago when I decided to learn all there is about rabbits. She is a very good businesswoman. Her work and passion for rabbits shows; whether, she is helping an experienced breeder or a newcomer to the pet world. Her desire for the owner to have a good experience doesn't stop at the purchase of a rabbit. After checking her website, if anyone still has questions, she will try to help you out. Thank you Barbi for all your help, "
Noel J Mountain Ranch, Ca

"Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service, Selection. Helpful tips, too! And always with a smile."
Lisa - San Jose

"Customer Service, Selection - Excellent "

"“Barbi Brown Bunnies is a reliable, high standard, committed business with outstanding customer service. A place you can trust. People you can rely on. Thank you!!” "

"Thank you so much. We're on our way back to Sac now. She's (velveteen lop) even more beautiful than in the pictures! Barbi's place is a sweet haven and she does mail orders for supplies - yay! :) This was such a great experience... You and Barbi have both been wonderful. Thanks again for all your help with the selection process. I'm pretty excited about our pretty girl. Have a wonderful weekend Susan, "
Andrea & the Montano Family

"Customer Service, Selection, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time Best ever!"

"Hi, Just a note of appreciation: I have used your Magic Rejuvenator for years, and I wouldn't be without it. My most frequent uses are to encourage slow eaters, and to add to my "baby bowls" of oats and such. With the help of Magic, I brought along an entire litter whose mother had stopped nursing at two weeks. All of the kits thrived and are showing successfully! New arrivals, transports, and those at a long show all get a little Magic in their life, and it truly keeps them eating. Thank you for sharing your Magic with us! Julie TJ Rabbitry Mini Rex "
Julie - TJ Rabbitry Mini Rex

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