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Willow - wreathes and sticks :

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Willow Mini Log Chews

Willow Mini Log Chews

Price: $0.50

Willow Round Chew Toy

Willow Round Chew

Price: $1.00

Willow Sticks - large

Willow Sticks - large

Price: $0.50

Willow Sticks - medium

Willow Sticks - medium size

Price: $0.25

Willow sticks - small

Willow sticks

Available in small, medium and large sizes

Relieves bordeom and minor pain.

Animals will chew the bark off first right away and then will gnaw on the sticks for several weeks or months.

Price: $0.10

Willow Wreathes Seasonal Item

Willow Wreathes - Nutritional Supplement and treat for rabbits and other small animals
We are reaching the end of harvest so order soon for the winter. As supplies decrease we will limit to 6 per person.

Available in wreathes or chew sticks
Willow has long been known for it's medicinal benefits.

It is a natural pain reliever, anti-diarrhel agent,excellent source of mineral plus a favorite treat for rabbits and other small animals.

It can be fed fresh or dried although the nutritional benefits are enhanced by drying.

Protein : 13.5% dried 9.15% fresh

Fiber: 25.12% dried 17.02 fresh

Calcium: 1.38 dried .93 fresh

Price: $2.00